Von Dago, The Master of Pinstriping

When I was asking around for artists that would fit into a car themed art show, I got one answer over and over… Von Dago. Von Dago specializes in the one of a kind personalized Art of “Hand Pinstriping” ~ that’s been done the same way for over 100 years!  You can find his work on hotrods, cars, motorcycles, helmets, metal, human skin, canvas & just about anywhere else that you could think to slide a paintbrush.

What role do you think the artist have in society?  

I feel we bring a sense of inner peace, joy & puts smiles on peoples faces when they look at our Art. It also gives one a sense of personal pride of ownership, when purchasing, owning & displaying their Art.

How has your work changed over time?

I personally have grown sooo much as an artist, now that I’ve been doing this for 45 yrs…..I can be & able to be extremely versatile in my artistic abilities ( if I chose to be, lol)….. at this point in time, I feel I’m at my personal peak of Knowledge / Experience …although I am constantly constantly trying to learn more & push myself.

Von Dago’s all hanging pinstripe artwork will be on display at the Liberty Building for the upcoming “Blast From The Past” Uncommon Art and Car Show June 3rd.  Artist reception from 5-9pm.  Live music by the Usual Suspects & a lot full of custom… classic… uncommon cars in the north parking lot.  Stop by and meet the man behind these one of a kind pinstripe masterpieces & see what other art we have throughout the building.

Blast From The Past Small (1)



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  1. Troy Otto fellow striper says:

    Von Dago is a true master and always answers any question I have for him. He has helped me grow and refine my style of striping and I’m forever grateful.


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