Getting to know Loretta Jenkins’ Northwest Paintings

Introducing another of our incoming artists, Loretta Jenkins with her paintings depicting classic Northwest imagery.  Loretta’s pieces will be on display as a part of “FLOOTIE AT THE LIBERTY” ARTIST RECEPTION OCTOBER 7TH.  ARTWORK WILL BE ON DISPLAY THROUGH JANUARY.


Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a local girl raised in the country near Sandpoint Idaho. I grew up with a passion for art but my family was very poor and couldn’t afford to give me art classes or even art supplies. Friends in the area gave me supplies when they heard about my love for art and when I was 11 years old I got my first commission drawing 3 portraits for a elementery school teacher. She paid me $5 but you would have thought that was $500 because I was so excited. After that the commissions came in pretty often and I was kept pretty busy doing portraits and selling my art. I sold my first oil painting portrait when I was 13. By the time I reached college and took art as a major I had become quit a professional but finally was able to take the art classes I had craved for so many years. Unfortunately my art classes didn’t last more than 2 years due to financial circumstances. Over the years after marriage and raising a family I was still painting and drawing and showing my art, taking more commissions and selling my art. In 1988 after a sad divorce I moved with my children back to Sandpoint Idaho where I opened my own fine art business on The Cedar Street Bridge. I had my own little booth with my paintings and drawings and portrait business. After a few years I moved my business to CoeurD’Alene, Idaho and have been here ever since in various locations in malls and galleries. Presently I am not showing my art in any paticular location. I am semi retired but still teach art weekly  in CDA and Spokane. I still take commission jobs now and then but when I paint now it is more for a special cause and is generally a donation. I especially like creating spiritual art and recently painted a scene of a friendly Jesus and the New Earth as described in the Bible. I donated the painting to HE’S Alive TV. UHF channel#39. They have incorporated it as their logo and it is used for a witnessing tool in our local area and in a special mission project in India. The painting is on display in

To see more of her artwork check out Loretta’s FLOOTIE.

Stop by and say hello Loretta at the Liberty Gallery (203 N Washington) on October 7th from 5-9pm for our Artists Reception “Flootie at the Liberty.”  Live music, local drinks and complimentary hor d’oeuvres will be available plus the artwork of over 20 artists through the Historic Liberty Building.

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