Roch Fautch ~ Mastercraftsman

We are very excited to be bringing in the work of Roch Fautch for the  “FLOOTIE AT THE LIBERTY” ARTIST RECEPTION OCTOBER 7TH.  ARTWORK WILL BE ON DISPLAY THROUGH JANUARY.  Roch will be bringing his paintings in addition to some creative concrete works.
Describe your work in 100 words What’s your creative background?
Roch was born to this tradition. Coming from a family of creatives, his earliest memories include being shown the value of a pencil by his grandfather and seeing his first Dali painting at age 4 inspired a life committed to the creative process. While mostly self taught, with an insatiable curiosity and the passion that drives him, he has spent his entire life studying and working hard, absorbing everything in his path and applying it creatively. With each new skill, from molding building, fiberglass and concrete construction has added to his over all artistic potential.
What role do you think the artist have in society?
When you consider that all it takes to change the world, is to change the way we look at it, the artist is who gives vision to new and greater possibilities.
How has your work changed over time?
It has been a perpetual process of maturing, which has added depth to everything from execution to content, while the surrealist vision has remained constant.
Do you have a favorite local artist that inspires you?
This is a hard question to answer, much like asking me to choose my favorite family member. I find inspiration from so many in our family of artists which I am grateful and honored to be a part of.
Where do you look for inspiration in creating your work?
I’m not sure I have ever looked for inspiration since it always finds me first. Inspiration is that part of me that bubbles up from deep within my soul as a vision that demands realization.
What jobs have you done other than being an artist?
From mold building and fiberglass to concrete construction and running a business, every job I ever had has taught me skills I use everyday in creating my life as an artist.
What memorable responses have you had to your work?
Most recently, while standing in front of my gallery with a few friends, a guy, with a limp and a cane, walked up and asked for a smoke. We obliged, figuring him to be just another drunk wandering past, heading to one of our local bars. He asked me if I was the owner of this place and I replied that I was. He then thanked me, I asked for what? He said for having this gallery here and added that he went from kicking doors down in Iraq to where he is today and when he comes by the gallery, he’s overcome with a sense of peace and love. It’s like a breath of fresh air in a polluted firestorm. I was speechless and almost brought to tears.

To see more of his artwork check out Roch’s FLOOTIE page or WEBSITE.

Stop by and say hello Roch at the Liberty Gallery (203 N Washington) on October 7th from 5-9pm for our Artists Reception “Flootie at the Liberty.”  Live music, local drinks and complimentary hor d’oeuvres will be available plus the artwork of over 20 artists through the Historic Liberty Building.

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