Tracy Dupuis ~ Cityscape Paintings

Our next artist, Tracy Dupuis,  is a self taught artist specializing in Realistic and Fauvist style fine art painting.  She creates  vibrant compositions of intricately placed strokes of bold color.  Tracy is most known for her “Cities of Color” large scale acrylic on canvas paintings. Come see her vibrant work for THE OCTOBER 7TH ARTIST RECEPTION “FLOOTIE AT THE LIBERTY.”

Take a few minutes to get to know the woman behind these pieces:

Describe your work in 100 words.

My work usually begins with a Photoshop painting I create from my photographs. I piece together compositions, then begin the process of running small sections at a time trough several filters until I achieve the best look. Once I am satisfied with the overall look and feel of the electronic painting, I use it as a reference to paint onto a canvas or panel.  The look I try to achieve is similar to what I see looking at the world through near-sighted vision but with super-saturated color and an electronic painting feel.

What’s your creative background?

My creative background began at childhood and has evolved through self education and practice over a lifetime.

What role do you think the artist has in society?

The artist has many roles in society.  Collectively the artist meets the needs of a society by bringing people together through visual arts, performance arts, music, literary art, and the list goes on.  Artist’s create the centerpiece of life by bringing beauty, provoking thought, telling the stories, facilitating the gatherings, raising the funds for worthy causes and generally helping to make life more enjoyable.

How has your work changed over time?

My work has changed in many ways over time, I notice finer detail in my work resulting from more careful study of the subjects from which I am creating. Another change is that I spend more time trying to be a disciplined, professional artist. Over the past year my focus has been to build my brand so I can be more effective to help raise funds to benefit worthy causes.  In 20I6, like many artists, I made donations of artwork and of time for area beautification and citizens rights projects.  As I look to the future my plans are to help children of abuse and children with life threatening circumstances to have a better life, that is how I will fullfill my need to be helpful and to have real pride in what I do.

Do you have a favorite local artist who inspires you?

At least five local artists rushed my brain, all for separate reasons or styles. Since you have asked for one it will have to be Todd Benson of “Todd and Cain Benson”.  When I arrived in Spokane I was amazed by the gorgeous and professionally executed “Benson brothers murals”. The murals immediately gave me the thought that this place is serious about art.  Since then, I have noticed many wonderful, professionally executed murals by many fabulous artists which I find to be very inspirational.

Where do you look for inspiration in creating your work?

I daydream often, I’m inspired by vivid colors and by the photos I take wherever I go.

What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

Many of the jobs I have held were hands-on and somewhat creative in nature. One of my favorite jobs was being an interior technician on a private jet in the upholstery department.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Some of the most memorable responses I have had to my work are those like, “You have really capured the essence of this subject”.  I am also very flattered and astonished when an organization or group of people choose to use my artwork to help represent an event or a product for public consumption, it’s an amazing feeling that causes me to feel very grateful.

Be sure to check out more of Tracy’s work on FLOOTIE
Stop by and say hello Tracy at the Liberty Gallery on October 7th from 5-9pm for our Artists Reception “Flootie at the Liberty.”  Live music, local drinks and complimentary hor d’oeuvres will be available plus the artwork of over 20 artists through out the Historic Liberty Building.

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